Buick LeSabre 2000-2005 Door Pillars

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This Buick LeSabre 2000-2005 Door Pillars set is another car accessory which our company manufactures. Different kinds of pillars help drivers to enhance exterior look, add few bright and modern accents and underline personal style of the car. All types of Door Pillars do not require removal of factory parts and can be installed overtop of existing factory pillars posts. They do not require any special skills for installation and whole procedure takes just minutes, which makes pillars probably the easiest and fastest method to change look of the vehicle.

Pillar Post Trim is known as extremely flexible and convenient tuning (design) exterior car accessory. Once installed on a car, Door Pillars noticeably raise status of any vehicle. No matter if car was not on the top of manufacturerТs production line, now it will definitely drag attention of people around. Original 3M Backing Tape used in production ensures that custom manufactured aftermarket Door Pillar Posts require minimal efforts and time to be installed. No need to spend hours of your free time on installation. Easy and reliable Peel-n-Stick installation technology allows to install Door Pillars just in 20-30 minutes, depending on size of the set.

It is not a secret that besides decorative function, Door Pillar Trims can be used for utility purposes as well. Car owners know that stock door pillars are permanently exposed to sun rays, dust, rain or snow. Occasional scratches or damages are also frequent things to happen. Unfortunately these factors cannot be controlled and affect vehicle's parts, especially those which are made of plastic. With time, stock plastic pillars got scratched, fade and even crack. Door Pillar Trims set is a solution to this problem. Once installed, aftermarket Pillar Posts will hide scratched discolored plastic or prevent stock pillars on new car from being occasionally damaged or affected by weather factors. Aftermarket Door Pillar trims in combination with other car accessories, such as Dash Trim Kits, Window Graphics, Floor Mats and other  will upgrade visual style of a vehicle, providing exceptional look and additional protection. Pillars Sets could be available in three types of materials... Read more Ы

Usually ships in 1-2 BUSINESS days for Chrome and Di-NOC materials or within 2-4 BUSINESS days for Real Stainless Steel sets

  • Model: EXT-BUK-7A
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: DashKit Mall