Mercedes Benz SLK 1998-2000 Premium Dash Trim Kit

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Our Mercedes Benz SLK 1998-2000 Premium (Polyurethane) Dash Trim Kit is the best and easiest way to change interior face of new car or refresh and enhance look of collectible or family vehicle. Polyurethane coating is the most advanced up-to-date technology, drastically overwhelming and eliminating all known problems of previous generation coating based on epoxy resin, usually called “Regular coating” and used by most of Flat Dash Trim kit manufacturers and sellers. Find out more about Polyurethane coating technology, its advantages over regular epoxy coatings, durability and extraordinary protective properties. Read here ›

Perfectly engineered and precisely cut our Flat Premium Dashboard Trim Kits are produced from highest quality materials and are carefully coated with advanced Polyurethane coating for UV and scratch protection. Variety of finishes gives drastically different results. Wood dash kits provide truly classic look and everlasting visual nobleness. Carbon Fiber dashboard kits turn any sedan into aggressive racing car. Aluminum and Brushed Aluminum trim kits add light sporty accents, turning slow cars into something more dynamic. Once installed, Premium Dash Trim Kit gives long term visual result and eye pleasure to car owner and passengers. Choose the finish you like from exceptional list of unique materials we offer. Be sure that your Premium (Polyurethane) kit will be produced specially for you. We do not keep them on dusty shelves, so each kit is made for particular customer and according his preferences.
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Usually ships in 3-4 BUSINESS days for regular materials and within 5-7 BUSINESS days for Real Carbon Fiber materials.

  • Model: MRD-11A
  • Shipping Weight: 3lbs
  • Manufactured by: DashKit Mall