About Dash Kits

About Dash Kits

For more than 10 years, one of our main activities is manufacturing and distribution of flat Dash Trim Kits and custom interior design parts. Dashboard Trim Kit is a good and easy method to get rid of stock interior monotony and to overcome similarity of cars inside single model range. With the help of Dashboard kit it's easy to change dull factory interior into comfortable and renewed environment, providing comfort and visual pleasure to driver and passengers. Dash Kit is a set of pieces that should be applied over existing dashboard to give it new look without modifying or removing factory parts. All existing kits are divided in two main categories: Flat and Molded. They are available in different finish variations, from classic Japanese Cherry and Medium Burl Wood to modern and hi-tech Carbon Fiber and Brushed Aluminum. Large selection of materials allows customers to choose a kit which will correspond to particular auto style and, of course, personal taste.

Let's focus our attention on differences between two types of kits.

Flat Trim Kits  are called "flat" because they arrive as overlays. Pieces are flexible and curve to the shape of the dash. Flat kit is easy to produce, so the final price is the most attractive. It’s very important that flat trim kits production technology allows easy making of custom or replacement pieces. Flat Dashboard Trim Kits have coated surface. By type of coating they can be divided into two sub-categories: Regular and Premium (Polyurethane). Since these categories differentiate in production technology and give different results during usage, regular and premium flat dash kits have different prices as well. Here are few highlights on what makes the difference between Regular and Premium (Polyurethane) coatings.

Regular  - this type of kits has coating based on special epoxy resin. Epoxy method is quite fast and financially convenient. At the same time there are few unpleasant moments. Epoxy resin is result of chemical reaction between two substances mixed together. Resulting substance becomes rigid enough and easy to handle in approximately 24 hours and coated dash kit is ready to ship. While fresh and warm (about 68-73F or 20-25C), epoxy resin is soft, flexible and easy to work with, but after some time it starts to harden. Chemical processes in the coating are going on, epoxy resin becomes more and more solid and in approximately six month it reaches its final hardness and transforms into solid plastic-like material. Pieces look good when installed. But with environment changes, curved pieces may develop cracks, because epoxy resin, soft and flexible during installation, became hard and tension on complicated parts of the piece breaks solid coating apart causing it to crack and delaminate. Strong hot and cold weather, as well as fast temperature changes, noticeably contribute to cracking and delamination process, especially on the folding parts of the piece.

Premium  - also called Polyurethane coating. This is progressive technology, a little more expensive, but providing much better results. Polyurethane (Premium) coating allows to get rid of above mentioned troubles. This type of coating forever remains as flexible as at the day of production and never solidifies like epoxy resin. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold is inside or outside of the car or how much temperature drops or rises within the day. Coating anyway will remain flexible as at the day it was applied to pieces and never cracks or delaminates. Polyurethane coating is also few times better in protecting materials against UV rays than regular (epoxy resin) and completely prevents light materials, like Aluminum, Brushed Aluminum and Real Silver Carbon Fiber from changing original tint and color (epoxy coated light material starts changing tint to greenish in approximately 6-12 months). Despite that premium polyurethane coating is slightly more expensive than epoxy resin, it is excellent one-time investment which completely pays it off while dash kit is in the car. There is no need to spend time and money (shipping expenses) in case of cracks or delamination, wait for replacement pieces and bother installing them. Premium coated installed kit always looks good and like new.

Not Coated  - Synthetic materials like Chrome, Real Brushed Aluminum and original 3M Di-NOC Carbon Fiber are made to provide realistic appearance of real materials and do not need epoxy coating. While all three not-coated materials are used for Dash Trim Kits, only Chrome and Di-NOC Carbon Fiber are available for Pillar Post Trims.  

Molded Dash Kits   are made from hard plastic and are preformed at the factory to fit the shape and contour of dashboard. In contrast to Flat Dash Kits which usually cover only front surface of the dash and cannot be curved in two dimensions at the same time, Molded Dash Kit pieces could be made curved at any angles and in all three dimensions. As well as Flat Kits, Molded Dash Kits do not replace existing OEM parts. But unlike Flat Kits, installed Molded Dash pieces give a 99% factory-like look.

We produce FLAT trim kits only, but we also sell Molded kits made by our business partners. As a manufacturer, we do our best to keep the lowest and most reasonable prices on the market. We pay special attention to quality and look of product that we offer. Our professional staff carefully engineers all kits to perfectly fit exact car model and designer team works hard investigating new and current models to permanently improve trim kits that we offer to your consideration. Each dashboard kit is thoroughly examined by Quality Control professionals on every production stage. Pieces are made from highest quality materials and are precisely cut on ultimate laser equipment. Original 3M Backing Tape in combination with 3M Adhesive Promoter provides easy “Peel-n-Stick” installation and ensures that dash trim kit will stick to dashboard as it should, without peeling off and moving.

Finally, it's important to say that it doesn't really matter which kit will be installed in the car - flat or molded, cheaper or more expensive . Either way, Dashboard Kit will add a touch of style and personality to any car, making its owner enjoy renewed interior in the new way.