Floor Protection

DashKitMall.com - Floor Protection?

Any driver has no doubt that factory floor should be protected from weather and occasional dirt. Heavy rain or dirty boots should never spoil the ride and mood. Factory carpeting is not always made from reliable and weatherproof materials, but there is a way to give car a solid protection. Aftermarket decorative, professional or All-weather mats and floor/cargo liners will do the job!

All floor protection accessories presented in our catalogue are designed to defend factory floor from greasy and dirty stains or other unpleasant accidents and to keep it like new. Our wide range of floor mats and liners, which replace OEM carpet rugs, gives opportunity to choose an accessory for any taste and any budget from cool comfy LOGO mats to heavy duty All-Weather floor liners and provide different levels of flooring protection.

Lets see what is the difference between various types of mats.

Pro Mats
This type of floor mats is made from high quality rubber and is slightly preformed to follow the shape of vehicle's flooring. They give better protection than original Factory carpet rugs and are a good solution for keeping vehicle clean. All-Weather Pro Mats are designed for those looking for good protection at reasonable price.

Premium Mats
Another type is Premium mats which are designed to provide reliable protection against dirty weather results and other occasions like spilled milk, dropped ice-cream and etc. These mats are produced from high-extruded material which won't change its behaviors in different seasons, from cold winter to hot summer temperatures. They are sophisticatedly sculpted to keep mud and liquids. Due to custom preformed shape these mats perfectly fit models they are designed for. Average price is perfect for those looking for advanced protection.

Floor Liners
This product is a headliner in our floor mats catalogue. Top-grade rubberized plastic (High-Density Tri-Extruded material) and precisely preformed surface with raised lip and special trenches ensures comprehensive and reliable protection against any kinds of fluids or debris and keeps them inside the mat. This product is ideal for drivers dealing with heavy dirt and extreme weather. Comparing to other mats in our catalogue Floor Liners are quiet expensive, but provide Ultra durability and excellent custom fit. In other words this accessory is for those who are looking for high-top car flooring protection.

It's important to note that all types of rubber mats are extremely easy to clean and handle. You will only spend minutes to wash mat under the water tap and make it look like new. Only high quality materials and convenient range of prices will suit anyone's needs.