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People love to self-express. This makes us different from each other. Not only haircut or clothes could make the difference, but also our cars. There are a lot of autos on the market, but inside a single model paint usually is the only difference. It means that thousands of identical cars ride the roads. For sure most of us want to see the car more individual. Fortunately, nowadays there is no need to spend too much money on tuning and add-ons. Often a tiny thing to change is enough. Sometimes a minimalist bright plug on the back can drag attention more, than some expensive body changes.

Hitch Cover is one of the ways to add a light touch of personality to the vehicle. A nifty accessory that will turn standard hitch opening into something more original than just a hole on the back of the car. However visual effect is not the only advantage which Hitch Cover can provide. Another benefit is that hitch is now always protected against dirt and mud spills, in other words, there is no need to clean inside the hitch every time you prepare it for towing.