As a Company dealing with car accessories we know that dashboard is a piece of interior that drags most attention. Anyone who seats in your car takes a glance at the dash. We have an easy way to make your passengers stare at it forever!
  Molded or Combined Dash Trim Kit is a splendid thing for adding distinctive and luxurious touch to your car. Your car's dashboard will explode with original and smooth accents adding more comfort and value to usually not very interesting factory interior.

  There are  certain car models in which flat dashboard trim kit just doesn't look right. Not every vehicle interior has straight contours, smooth edges and angles. In this case Molded 3D Dash Kit is a perfect solution. A relatively vast range of Molded Trim Kits gives US and imported cars owners a brilliant opportunity to personalize vehicle in short time and minimum efforts.

  3D software designed and precisely manufactured Molded 3D pieces give true factory look in range of various finishes. Made from hard plastic and coated with exceptional quality finishes 3D preformed dash trim pieces allow to achieve precise fit and almost everlasting visual pleasure.
  As professionals in car accessories business we consider important to note that Molded Dash Trim Kits have several advantages over flat trim kits.

 - Pieces are 3D preformed. It means that you will get a 99% factory-like look, perfect fit and smooth edges.
 - Only hard plastic material and highest quality finishes are used for manufacturing. As a result you will get extra durability and almost everlasting eye-candy.

  In spite of that Molded Dashboard kits include less pieces than Flat, few molded pieces can give incomparable look, they just completely change impression and feel of your car. Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and Wood finishes will make upgraded dashboard unique, luxury and simply beautiful.